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Derrynoid Lodge


This family is reputed to have derived its descent from a noble house of Sweden.

THOMAS TORRENS, a military officer from Sweden, served in the army of WILLIAM III.

He resigned his commission and settled, about 1690, at Dungiven, County Londonderry, and had issue,
Thomas, d 1735;
Henry, d 1755;
JOHN, of whom we treat;
Robert (Rev), Rector of Hervey Hill.
The third son,

THE REV JOHN TORRENS (1708-87), of Templemore, County Londonderry, Rector of Ballynascreen, 1722, headmaster of Derry Diocesan School, 1734-5, Prebendary of Derry, 1747, and vicar-general of the diocese of Derry, married firstly, in 1733, Anne, daughter of the Rev Roger Blackhall, headmaster of Derry Diocesan School, 1702-34, by whom he had issue,
Roger, 1733-1804;
THOMAS, of whom presently;
Robert, b 1748;
Martha; Jane; Anne; Elizabeth.
Mr Torrens wedded secondly, in 1752, Elizabeth Fisher.

His second son,

THE REV THOMAS TORRENS (1741-79), of Londonderry, espoused, in 1765, Elizabeth, daughter of Samuel Curry, and had issue,
John (Ven), Archdeacon of Dublin;
Samuel, captain, 52nd (Oxfordshire) Regiment of Foot;
ROBERT, of whom we treat;
Henry (Sir), Major-General, KCB.
Major-General Sir Henry Torrens KCB

The Rev Thomas Torrens's third son,

ROBERT TORRENS (1775-1856), of Derrynoid Lodge, Draperstown, County Londonderry, was a senior judge, having been appointed, in 1823, a justice of the Court of Common Pleas in Ireland.

The Hon Mr Justice Torrens married, in 1809, his cousin Anne, daughter of Thomas Torrens, by whom he had issue,
THOMAS FRANCIS, b 1810, died in Italy;
Robert Samuel (1818-51), captain, 42nd Regiment;
Samuel John (1825-46), died in Madeira;
HENRIETTA, of whom presently;
Ann, 1829-32.
Mr Justice Torrens' elder daughter,

HENRIETTA TORRENS (1819-57), espoused William, 1st Baron O'Neill, and had issue,
Edward, 2nd Baron;
ROBERT TORRENS, of whom we treat;
The Lady O'Neill, dying in 1857, left Derrynoid estate to her third son,

MAJOR THE HON ROBERT TORRENS O'NEILL (1845-1910), of Tullymore Lodge, County Antrim, who died unmarried.

DERRYNOID LODGE, near Draperstown, County Londonderry, was built ca 1809 for the Hon Mr Justice Torrens.

It was originally a thatched cottage.

However, ca 1816, the house was extended and a slate roof was erected.

The Lodge was last inhabited before the start of the 2nd World War.

In 1952, Derrynoid Lodge suffered severe fire damage and was subsequently demolished.

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