Friday, 11 April 2014

The Belmont Stew

Timothy excelled today. A good portion of the Belmont Irish Stew was unearthed from the deep-freeze.

It was defrosted slowly during the night and - Hey, presto! - devoured forthwith on the umpteenth day of Pistorious's trial.

I had it with a boule, viz. the Marks & Spencer mature cheddar and red Leicester cheese version.

I had consumed a glass of red plonk, though felt like a Tanqueray & tonic; ergo, the second glass of red Shiraz was distilled back carefully into the bottle.

No matter. All is well.


Anonymous said...

Is there a reason why you have not commented on the State Visit by the President of the Republic of Ireland to the UK? Very unlike you as normally you cover the State Visits in some detail.

Anonymous said...

As a gin drinker, you will one day have to make the vv long trip to Kangaroo Island (off Adelaide) to taste the most wonderful gin, made there in a shed and tastes of lots of local herbs. Costs $70 a bot which is twice the price we pay here in Oz for Gordons etc. But twice as good!

Timothy Belmont said...

Anon, I don't comment on every state visit.

Anon, send me a ticket and I'll be there like a flash! ;-)