Thursday, 17 April 2014

Copper Pans

The kitchen at Belmont GHQ has been treated to a new set of copper pans. They were on offer at at half-price in a local supermarket, viz. Sainsbury's, hence about £100 was saved.

The one in the foreground is a diminutive 14cm version.

Mind you, they have not been christened today: the celebrated (!) Belmont pasta casserole was cooked in a very large, heavy and ancient pot.

I'm rather partial to the said supermarket's Barber's Mature Cheddar coleslaw and, indeed, their large honey-roasted peanuts; so the opportunity was taken to purchase these, too.

Their Greenall's gin is on offer, at £15 for a litre. Have any readers tried this gin?

I AM very gratified to apprise readers that the new apple corer does a splendid job.

It's from Marks & Spencer (can you discern M&S at the side?). It cuts very neatly through the core, leaving minimal wastage.

I usually eat an apple a day (the Jazz variety).


Irishlad said...

Is a Gin not a Gin Tim? I only ask 'cause i don't drink the stuff!

Bryan Somers said...

Personally i do not like Greenals gin. I recently tried M&S gin and found it very like gordons. Beware the bottle is just 70cl
Bryan S

Timothy Belmont said...

Hello Bryan,

Agreed; I'm through most of it and it's OK.

I saw Gordons for sale in Lidl the other day at £12.99; wonder if they supply M&S...