Saturday, 26 April 2014

Which Toothbrush?

I have been undertaking a major "clear-out" of unwanted junk and accumulated stuff at Belmont GHQ.

The attic is a veritable disgrace and looks as if it has been ransacked by a common burglar.

Whilst sifting through a cabinet, I unearthed a collection of toothbrushes of varying types, some of which are your standard economy types; others, the more expensive de-luxe versions.

For the last number of months I've been using a more expensive toothbrush which proclaims itself be be for professional dental experts, or words to that effect in the marketing jargon thereon.

I used the premium-priced toothbrush, as usual, this morning. Then I used a cheap, medium bristle standard economy one.

I invariably brush the ancient gnashers with considerable gusto, which was the case today.

When I used the former brush, the foam from toothpaste was emitted.

When the latter brush was used, the emission was slightly bloody and, more to the point, the trusty gnashers felt as if my dentist had just cleaned and polished them.

My personal conclusion is that cheap and cheerful toothbrushes with firm bristles produce the same efficacy as "premium" ones; or, dare one say, better.

By the way, I do have an electric toothbrush, but seldom use it.

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Anonymous said...

If your gums are bleeding you are doing serious damage. An electric toothbrush accompanied by flossing gives you the best dental health. ditch all the other brushes