Thursday, 17 April 2014

Lidl Sherry Trifle

My health club is at a retail park which includes a branch of the budget chain, Lidl.

I ambled in after a work-out on the rowing machine today. 

Litres of milk cost 55p, I think.

However, I spotted their 'deluxe' amontillado sherry trifle. Was it £2.69?  It weighed 700g, which is one and a half pounds in British currency.

At any rate, I scoffed a hefty portion of it today and, to my surprise, it was good.

Moreover, I reckon it tasted equally as good - if not better - than the main supermarkets.

Quelle surprise.

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Sandy said...

We have a choice of Lidl or Asda. Lidl food far tastier by a mile, esp. their fruit. Creamy yogurts my favorite! Try the vanilla ice cream (with the flecks of vanilla) too.