Saturday, 12 April 2014


The toast or porridge was omitted from the nourishing breakfast at Belmont GHQ this morning. I did, however, have the customary beaker of tea.

Instead, I decided to darken the threshold of a brand new café on Belmont Road, Strandtown, viz. Oliver's Café.

I recall The Rose Bowl, a defunct tea-room, being here formerly.

I managed to get Little Grey parked further down the road and, armed with the iPad, ambled in.

It's an atmospheric place, totally transformed in character since its predecessor.

Clearly a lot of time and effort has been spent on its decor and fittings.

The staff are friendly and helpful, and Ashley runs the show with great aplomb.

There were about five or six on duty today, including my good pal and fellow-swimmer, NCS.

At the counter, resplendent with a tempting miscellany of cakes, meringues, scones and artisan biscuits, I ordered creamy scrambled eggs with lean back bacon, on a muffin.

My order arrived within five minutes and the Belmont nose-bag earned it's keep instanter.

I relished this breakfast, scoffing it down rapidly.

I think they serve the traditional Ulster Fry on Sunday mornings.

NCS asked me if I'd fancy a speciality tea, so the Earl Grey with a piece of Chocolate Biscuit Cake arrived within two minutes.

The tea was served in a dainty little transparent glass pot, cup and saucer.

As I tap the keyboard, I shall absorb the buzz for awhile.

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