Sunday, 15 March 2015

Beer's Bridge

Beer's Bridge, north side, March 2015

I went for a short stroll this morning in order to see Beer's Bridge on the Beersbridge Road in east Belfast.

I have little knowledge of the bridge or its history, though it seems to have been widened at some stage.

The little river Conn's Water flows under this bridge.

A century ago, this was a thriving industrial area, with the Owen O'Cork Mills on the river's eastern side.

Beer's Bridge, south side, March 2015

Further north, the huge Belfast ropeworks flourished.

The other side of the Conn's Water was adjacent to the Grove Weaving Factory (linen) and Elmgrove House (where the school now stands).

Travelling southwards along the river, there is a weir, the highest point  to which ordinary tides flow.


Angelo S. said...

Your descriptions are simply wonderful. thank you very much. Even if I'm quite far away, it is as if I were just there in Northern Ireland, enjoying its history and beauty

Ruth Moore said...

I'm sure you must know of this site already Tim.
I've had it bookmarked sometime and really must take time to study it all someday. I grew up in the house on the corner of Abetta Parade ie 313 Beersbridge Rd - we were told it had been the mill manager's house as it was the biggest house in the row.