Sunday, 8 March 2015

Moorish Tower Update

Moorish Tower, March 2015

Good progress is being made towards the restoration of The Moorish Tower at Castlewellan Park, County Down.

Moorish Tower, March 2015

Castlewellan Park was the ancestral seat of the Earls Annesley, one of the biggest landowners in the county, with 24,221 acres.

Moorish Tower, March 2015

The Moorish Tower sits on an elevated hill-side position overlooking the Lake, from its western side.

Moorish Tower, March 2015

It appears that essential pointing of the stone-work has been undertaken.

The Tower seems to be ready for its roof, too.

The Glasshouses, March 2015

CASTLEWELLAN PARK boasts one of the finest gardens in the Province.

The glasshouses have recently been restored; as has a gardener's bothy or cottage attached to the rear.

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