Tuesday, 3 March 2015

TENDER Steak & Seafood

TENDER Steak & Seafood restaurant is located at the casino level in our hotel, the Luxor, at Las Vegas, Nevada.

Last night, prior to the Carrot Top show, we dined at TENDER.

This is an American fine-dining restaurant. Its reputation was reflected in our bill, which came to about $240.

In the restaurant's cocktail bar we enjoyed a Tanqueray gin & tonic and an Elite Margarita cocktail.

The ambiance is elegant, refined, quiet, and opulent. Leather Chesterfield sofas prevail.

We were seated at a curved banquette.

M and I both had the Exotic Mushroom Soup (creamed organic exotic mushrooms and micro-herbs).

This was very good indeed. It reminded me of my own home-made mushroom soup at home, in fact.

Our main course consisted of a trio of fine beef medallions, which must have been about an inch thick.

They comprised Wagyu Kobe-style beef, bison (Osso Buco, Durham Ranch, Wyoming) and another cut which eludes me.

We also had one portion of Petite Maine Lobster Ravioli (braised de-shelled petite lobster in lobster Alfredo sauce with lobster ravioli).

Grilled asparagus in lemon olive oil and Yukon mashed potatoes with roasted garlic and chive completed the feast.

We had a bot of Braida Moscato D'Asti Piemonte 2010 ($50).

This is a fairly expensive establishment, the dearest meat being the Japanese Kobe Wagyu beef (A5 grade, 8 oz) at $115.

We took our leave thereafter and made a beeline for Carrot Top.

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