Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Grand Canyon

The weather yesterday had improved to the extent that our trip to the Grand Canyon, Arizona, was on.

The courtesy coach collected us from our hotel at six-fifteen in the morning and took us to the aerodrome, a distance of about one mile.

In the reception centre we were all briefed about the rules.

The helicopter had four seats in the rear section and three in the front (including our pilot).

Our flight left at seven o'clock.

The journey to the Canyon, about an hour's duration, took us past the Hoover Dam and a very large man-made lake.

At the Canyon itself we landed and looked down at the Colorado River.

There was a pair of handsome ravens waiting for us and, since this is a regular stop for the helicopter, they eagerly awaited tasty crumbs and bits of muffins and cake.

Having enjoyed a glass of champagne, we took some photographs and departed.

About half-way back, our pilot landed in order to refuel.

The whole experience lasted about two and a half hours.

I must buy a DVD about the Grand Canyon, because seeing it has whetted my appetite, as it were.

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