Thursday, 19 March 2015

Lagan Footbridge

Lagan Footbridge at Donegall Quay

Work is progressing well on the new £5m cycle & pedestrian footbridge at the Lagan Weir in Belfast.

It is being undertaken by Graham Construction (I've already written about the Graham Baronets).

As part of a regeneration project for the area, public realm improvements along Belfast waterfront will include an upgrade to the existing bridge to provide an integrated cycle route.

Spanning the River Lagan from Donegall Quay on the north side to Queen's Quay on the south side.

The new footbridge will be approximately 400 feet in length, between abutments with additional ramp lengths of approximately 89 feet and 95 feet, with a deck width varying from 14 feet to 33 feet at its widest.

Lagan Footbridge at Queen's Quay

The vertical profile will be a continuous curved profile with ramps at a gradient of 1:20.

The horizontal alignment will also be curved with a degree of asymmetry.

The new footbridge will consist of structural steel, enveloped in aluminium cladding with a glass parapet on the east elevation and a stainless steel post and wire system on the west parapet.

The project will also include the refurbishment of the weir lighting with removal of existing halogen lights to be replaced with new energy efficient lighting.

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Anonymous said...

Will the surface of the deck have clear separation for cyclist and pedestrians, because unless the separation is clear it will lead to conflicting shared space and a poor experience for both pedestrians and cyclists.