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Rahinston House


STEPHEN FOWLER (younger son of Richard Fowler, by Margaret, the daughter of Richard, Lord Newport), wedded Elizabeth, daughter and heir of John Cock, of Skendleby Thorpe, Lincolnshire, and had issue.

His only surviving son,

GEORGE FOWLER, espoused Mary, daughter and co-heir of Robert Hurst, and had,
George, died unmarried;
Hurst, left a daughter;
ROBERT, of whom we treat;
His third son,  

THE MOST REV AND RT HON ROBERT FOWLER DD (1724-1801), Lord Archbishop of Dublin,
educated at Westminster School, and at Trinity College, Cambridge; one of the Chaplains to GEORGE II, and Prebendary at Westminster.
In 1711, he was consecrated Lord Bishop of Killaloe and Kilfenora in Ireland; and, in 1773, was translated to the archiepiscopal see of Dublin.

Dr Fowler married Mildred, eldest daughter (and co-heir of her brother) of William Dealtry, of Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, and had a son, ROBERT; and two daughters:
Mildred, m 1793, Edmund, Earl of Kilkenny;
Frances m 1795, the Hon and Rt Rev Richard Bourke.
His Grace was subsequently sworn of the Privy Council and became, at the institution of the Most Illustrious Order of St Patrick, in 1783, its first Chancellor.

The Prelate of the Order was ex officio the Lord Archbishop of Armagh; the Chancellor was ex officio the Lord Archbishop of Dublin.

The Chancellor's Badge (above), part of the insignia of the Order, was a small, purse-shaped item, which was suspended by a broad ribbon from the neck.

The office of Chancellor became secular when the Church of Ireland was disestablished.

His Grace died in 1801, and was succeeded by his only son,

educated at Westminster School, and Christ Church, Oxford, was appointed Dean of St Patrick's; became Archdeacon of Dublin; and was afterwards consecrated Lord Bishop of Ossory and Ferns; married, in 1796, the Hon Louisa Gardiner, eldest daughter of Luke, Viscount Mountjoy, and sister of Charles John, Earl of Blessington.
The Bishop died in 1841, aged 74, having had issue,
ROBERT, of Rahinston House;
Luke, of Wellbrook.
The eldest son,

ROBERT FOWLER JP DL, (b 1797), of Rahinston and Rathmolyon, County Meath, wedded Jane Anne, eldest daughter of the Hon John Crichton, and sister of John, 3rd Earl of Erne; and by her had issue,
ROBERT, of Rahinston;
John Richard;
Jane Margaret;
Louisa Catherine.
Mr Fowler wedded secondly, in 1831, Lady Harriet Eleanor Wandesforde-Butler, eldest daughter of James, 2nd Marquess of Ormonde, and by her had issue,
James Haddington;
Grace Louisa; Harriet Selina;
Anne Mildred; Emily.
Mr Fowler's eldest son,

ROBERT FOWLER JP DL MA, of Rahinston; High Sheriff, 1871; called to the Irish Bar in 1850; married and had issue, his eldest son,

CAPTAIN ROBERT HENRY FOWLER JP DL, of Rahinston, and Rathmolyon, County Meath, wedded, in 1856, Letitia Mabel, daughter of Henry Barry Coddington, of Oldridge.
High Sheriff, 1899; late captain, 85th King's Light Infantry; born in 1857.
He had issue by her,
John Sharman;
George Hurst;
Francis FitzHerbert;
Louisa Marian; Florence Mary;
Eleanor Katherine.

CAPTAIN ROBERT ST LEGER FOWLER MC (1891-1925), fought in the 1st World War; captain in the 17th Lancers; the Military Cross, 1916.

This gentleman died a bachelor and the family estate devolved upon his cousin,

BRIGADIER BRYAN JOHN FOWLER DSO MC, of Rahinston, born in 1898, son of George Hurst Fowler and Mabel Blakiston-Houston.
He married Mary Olivia, daughter of Lt-Col Cecil Patteson Nickalls, in 1944; was educated at Cheltenham College; fought in the First World War; Military Cross, 1918; Distinguished Service Order and Bar, 1943.
Brigadier Fowler retired from the army in 1949. His eldest son,

JOHN ROBERT HENRY FOWLER (1946-2008), of Rahinston, married Lady Jennifer Chichester, daughter of  7th Marquess of Donegall, in 1971; educated at Eton College, and McGill University, Canada.

Since John Fowler's tragic death in 2008, Lady Jennifer took over the mantle.

Lady Jennifer died on 12th March, 2013. The training establishment continues.

Her son Harry and his wife Lorna are committed to developing the stud farm at Rahinston.

RAHINSTON HOUSE, near Summerhill, County Meath, is an Italianate house of ca 1875, "attributed stylistically to Sir Charles Lanyon" [Bence-Jones].

It has a three-bay front, faced in Roman cement with sandstone dressings; pediments over the windows.

The roof is carried on a bracket cornice. There is a bow window at the side with curved glass.

First published in October, 2012.


Charlie Fowler said...

The Lady Jennifer Fowler passed away 12 March.

Timothy Belmont said...

Very sorry to hear this. My condolences. I've amended the post.


Ann D said...

I shared a ward with 'Chich' recently in the MPH. Of course she didn't breathe a word of her titled status and even though clearly of the landed 'horsey set' was grounded and friendly and fun without a trace of snobbery. I liked her enormously and I am so sad to have heard in the MPH of Chich's sudden death.
To her beloved sons and daughter-in-law, and her great friend - Jessie?- I send condolences. She had a wonderful spirit and I'm sure she's out there somewhere in horse heaven.
All I knew about that horsey world was that my grandfather, who owned a forge on his farm back in the early 1900's, thought highly of 'Horse Protestants' because they were straight talkers and always paid their bills on time. She liked that. It made her laugh.
God bless her.