Monday, 10 April 2017

Agua Bar

During my morning constitutional yesterday I passed a tiny bar - one of several - on the beach promenade at Corralejo, Fuerteventura.

I have walked past Agua many times.

I stopped and had a brief chat with the staff, who were preparing to open Agua.

I studied the menu on a blackboard.

It displayed many cocktails, about four salads and numerous baguettes.

Agua is a popular spot and I was curious to discover the secret of its popularity, so I decided I'd pay them a visit in the evening.

So I duly walked back to Agua at about seven yesterday evening.

It was busy already so I squeezed past two tables and inserted myself beside two young ladies on a sort of bench seat at the side of the little bar.

The staff were prompt and brought me a menu.

I noticed that the Tanqueray Ten cost €11, considerably pricier than Bar Bouganville's €7 which included tonic-water.

I had the smoked salmon salad and a Beefeater gin and tonic with fruits of the forest (!).

The G&T arrived first, already poured, and a complimentary tray of artful or even gourmet tapas.

The staff spent some time explaining its constitution, though alas I cannot recall exactly what they told me.

An image will have to suffice.

The salad arrived shortly in a deep bowl: abundant lettuce, shavings of carrot, red onion, cucumber, tomato, and a fair amount of smoked salmon.

A kind of wheaten bread was served in a ramekin.

It was utterly delicious.

I enjoyed it.

I drizzled some balsamic vinegar over it all and, needless to say, the trusty old nosebag was in top gear (Clarkson Version, of course).

I think the popularity of this place is due to an amalgam of several factors, including very good, innovative, well-prepared tapas; a welcoming ambiance; coziness; the impressive range of cocktails; good, healthy food; free wifi.

My bill came to €14.

I'll probably be back.

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