Tuesday, 4 April 2017

La Bodeguita

Corralejo's kerbs are being replaced.

I suppose the original ones are the age of the streets themselves, because this town is not ancient by any means.

However, it's a major operation and must be costing a small fortune.

Who's paying for it all?

The local taxpayer I imagine; or is it yet another costly EU Project?

On the positive side, it's keeping contractors in business.

Last night I dined at a little bar restaurant I've never been to before, called La Bodeguita.

They offer "tapas, wines, and much more" according to their menu.

I settled myself at a table outside and, observing the world passing by, perused one of their menus.

I ordered the Norwegian Salmon with Wild Asparagus and Ginger Mayonnaise.

It sounded appetising enough.

When it arrived the cooked salmon came with a number of vegetables, though no potatoes.

At home we're accustomed to having some form of potato with almost everything, though I didn't miss it on this occasion.

There were a few thick, grilled slices of large white onions.

The meal was sufficiently enjoyable to merit another visit.

On the menu I noticed battered cod with creamy rice which I might try; though I'm not well disposed to fish bones.

Local establishments tend to serve fish on the bone here.

The word for boneless is Sin Espinas.

The salmon cost €13.

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