Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Single Fin Burgers

VPNs (virtual private networks) are apps that enable users to view television from the home country in another country.

For instance, I subscribe to a VPN called Tunnelbear for a month on my iPad (£4.99 at the moment) to watch a series or regular programme that is on at a certain time on ITV Hub or BBC iPlayer virtually live.

It's a useful tool if you are on your own or want to keep up to date with a regular show of some sort.

I was sitting at my usual table, ordered a Tanqueray Ten from Mara, the owner of Bar Bouganville in Corralejo, and set up my iPad.

Mara also left a complimentary bowl of crisps on the table.

Bar Bouganville is probably my favourite bar in the resort.

When I'd finished my drink I felt a bit peckish, despite emptying the bowl of crisps, so I settled my account and moved off.

In the town centre, at 2, Calle Hernán Cortés, there's a diminutive burger bar called Single Fin.

This Single Fin also specialises in veggie burgers.

If you've been following my narrative so far, you'll know that I'm not averse to vegetarian food; indeed I'm keen on it.

Accordingly, I perched myself on a stool inside Single Fin, overlooking the galley kitchen, observed three young fellows contentedly cooking burgers.

The very amicable young waitress, adorned with innumerable tattoos, took my order, the veggie El Capres burger and chips.

One of the chefs sang as he cooked, so naturally Belmont felt the urge to join in by exercising his considerable vocal chords; and treated them to a brief rendition of Puccini's Tosca song, #Vittoria#.

Alas it didn't work for a free meal, though I repaired to a seat outside and tucked in.

Little wonder Single Fin is popular. They are passionate about it and the care taken in wrapping my burger in tin foil said it all.

Great little place.

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