Monday, 3 April 2017

Señor Tapón

Prior to my flight to Fuerteventura yesterday morning I breakfasted at the Fed & Watered Café Bar at Aldergrove airport, now known as Belfast International.

I had the scrambled eggs, smoked salmon and granary toast.

 It was rather enjoyable.

The flight was uneventful.

I'd made up a round of smoked salmon sandwiches and I resisted the temptation to have a G&T on the flight, opting for a beaker of tea instead (don't sound so surprised).

I arrived at my apartment later in the day.

One idiosyncrasy of my apartment is that the rooms don't have plugs in the sinks.

I've encountered this matter before: remedied by stuffing the plug-hole with toilet tissue or placing the plastic top of a shaving-foam can on top.

However, I thought I'd invest in a plug so I looked the word up and ENCHUFE or some such Spanish noun appeared.

In the nearest supermarket I enquiried for one and the assistant showed me electric plugs.

She hadn't a clue what I meant.

Henceforth I made a beeline for the hardware store.

The Merchant knew what I meant and produced a box of them.

TAPÓN is the word, and it cost €2.

Back at the supermarket I dangled my new plug at the assistant and we both laughed.

I told her I was now called Señor Tapón.

I think I've discovered a new restaurant popular with the locals, so I shall likely report back on that.

By the way, I had a delicious Tanqueray Ten, beautifully served at Bar Bougainville last night. €7.


Amanda Martin said...

Your Grace ... One was somewhat green with envy when Sunday morning turned out to be cool and wet in Portstewart, but a substantial Sunday roast beef dinner at Diane's with the age old prawn cocktail, Horseradish Daupanoise potatoes and fresh fruit Pavlova made my yours truly and Belinda took the sting out of it :) I have found that sink plugs are not as easily sourced as they once were. B&Q sell them without a chain ... that comes separately. I prefer the one's that screw in, eliminating the chain. I surmise that is the type you got in Fuerteventura. You have found a favourite tipple ... What Bliss. Did you bring Angostura Bitters with you? Post pics asap so I can live vicariously through your sun, sand and Sangria days :) Much Love Amanda, Duchess of Calhame

Amanda Martin said...

One was a tad green with envy that you had gone to sun, sea and Sangria when Sunday turned out to be cold, wet and dreary but Diane's Sunday Roast Beef dinner complimented with prawn cocktails, horseradish dauphinoise potatoes and fresh fruit Pavlova conjured by yours truly and Belinda took the sting out of it. Oporto 6 wine from Majestic (I ordered some more of that for us darling because we drank my supply hic hic hic hic). Sink plugs are clearly becoming a rarity ... I needed two for the Port apartment. B&Q supply sink and bath plugs without chains ... chains are extra. I acquired the screw in kind and surmise that is the type you found in Fuerteventura. Much more civilised anyway. You will be doing 60 lengths in the pool while I am walking the M&Ms ... partaking of breakfast in sunshine. Having an aperitif in the evening. I am so glad you found one of your gin tipples. Did you remember to bring Angostura Bitters? Send pics asap so I can vicariously through your exploits ... Much Love, Amanda, Duchess of Calhame