Friday, 7 April 2017

Bodeguita Revisited

I dined again this evening at La Bodeguita tapas bar and restaurant.

The sun was still shining when I sat down at a small table outside, though it got cooler.

Today I decided to refrain from alcohol, so ordered a large glass of freshly-squeezed orange juice instead.

I might have mentioned a certain item on the menu the last time I was here, viz. the battered cod with creamy rice.

It sounded interesting, so that's what I went for tonight.

While I waited the waitress brought me a bread roll and some alioli.

Eventually the main course arrived.

I say "eventually" because it took ages, even allowing time for preparation and so on.

They knew they were slow because she came out and apologised about the delay.

The cod was slightly disappointing, I'm afraid.

The piece of cod - if that's what it was - had about four or five large bones on top.

Perhaps this was due to the way it was cut.

The skin was at the bottom; no sign of any batter!

Perhaps it was battered with a mallet (!).

The rice wasn't creamy at all.

Four or five of the little baked potatoes came with a red, piquant sauce.

To its credit it was a fairly healthy meal, though just not to my taste, especially served with the bones.

I saw Tom Kerridge reproaching a chef on television about bones in his fish.

Nevertheless it's generally customary to serve fish and seafood on the bone here, so either we accept it or don't order fish.

I'd intended to order the Brazilian Quindim dessert, though decided to ask for the bill which came to about €18.80.

Thence I repaired to Bar Bouganville for one of their "virgin" cocktails, the non-alcoholic San Francisco number.

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Handelian said...

€18.80 for that!! I'm not surprised you skipped dessert!