Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Fake Razor Blades

I've been caught out! Serves his lordship bally right! You think. I'll just put it down to experience, and won't ever purchase items described as "Gillette Fusion Razor Blades" on Ebay again. £8.49 for eight cartridges was too good to be true.

When I received them, the packaging was, as you'd expect perfectly fine; they appeared to be the genuine article. When I began using them, they became blunter before too long. In a previous blog I recounted an original cartridge lasting over fifty days.

The Ebay seller is no longer registered - at least under the original name. I've contacted Ebay and Gillette.

There's doubtless a sweat-shop somewhere in the middle of China churning out millions of 'em.

The only way forward is to buy them from reputable, major stores or supermarkets. I still believe that Gillette Fusion are the best because they last so long before becoming blunt. I've bought forty-two items on Ebay and this is the first fake. It would take a lot more than this to deter me from using Ebay.

If anyone knows of a store or online store which sells them cheaper, please let me know.

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John Self said...

I have cut my ties with eBay, after my account was hacked and used to sell boots from China (!) late last year. eBay refused to listen to me and insisted on my paying the listing fees of £19 - which I eventually coughed up, with a clothes peg on my nose, to avoid further complications and possible litigation. I closed my account immediately after.

I have found that life without eBay is in no way inferior. I only ever used it to pick up cheap books, DVDs etc and those can be as easily obtained on Amazon Marketplace or the like, which also has more stringent quality control for its sellers.