Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Lagunilla Reserva 2003 Rioja

I was at Sainsbury's today, stocking up on a few favourites. I have been unable to obtain their own-label Honey & Nut Bran Flakes for months; Tesco has ceased to sell them too. Are they that unpopular?

I wandered in to Sainsbury's wine department, seeking a gluggable bottle of plonk. Suddenly I heard a voice recommending the Lagunilla Rioja. He was wearing a shirt and tie, so may have been managerial. At any rate, their shelves were heaving with this stuff; dozens of bottles of it. It was on offer, reduced from £9.99 to £4.99 I think.

I let myself be persuaded and purchased a bottle. I'm drinking a glass of it now and, I can tell you, it's ruddy awful. I wouldn't have paid 99 pence for it, let alone £4.99 had I known. I'll not attempt to describe its flavour - I don't like it! They must have so many cases of it that they're panicking for fear of its gathering too much dust.

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