Friday, 23 May 2008

Smarter Than A Razor Blade

I've given the Gillette Fusion razor a thorough testing and it has convinced me. I bought an eight-pack of cartridges in Sainsbury's for fourteen pounds, which was the least expensive price I could readily find; so if anyone knows of a store which sells them cheaper, let us know please. I reviewed the blades in an earlier posting so I shan't comment any further.

I'm still interested in the tiny Smart car. I took a test-drive back in February and they offered me a trade-in quotation against a Passion 84bhp model with lots of extras; however, I was less than impressed by the figure they were allowing me against my present car, so I "walked".

I've been in touch with them again, intimating that I "may be interested" if the price could be improved.

I'm intrigued by the forthcoming Micro-Hybrid-Drive models, which operate along the lines of BMW's Efficient Dynamics; whereby the engine cuts out if you come to a stop and automatically re-starts when you touch the accelerator.


Anonymous said...

Very sensible to be going light on fuel with prices, and supply, so unpredictable at present. For my part I ordered a bicycle at the weekend to make the 3.5 mile journey to work from Belmont Road to Holywood without using any petrol at all! (To that end, I'm grateful indeed to you for posting the Roads Service response about cycle lanes on Holywood Road - otherwise I wouldn't have known that Tillysburn junction is avoidable because the pavement is a designated cycle route there. I hope the promised signs go up soon.)

Seems a bit disingenuous though for Smart to be calling the cut-out system a 'hybrid drive' as that implies a dual petrol/electric engine like the Toyota Prius and others.

Timothy Belmont said...

That junction at Tillysburn is ghastly, isn't it? Especially for cyclists. If they'd had the funds I suppose they could have constructed an underpass or flyover.

These motor companies always seem to be coming up with fancier, ,ore elaborate names for their innovative systems! Given that it works, the new Smart MHD system ought to be clever in principle and, hopefully, practice too.