Friday, 9 May 2008

Free Re-Charging Service

It wasn't particularly busy in the gym at Castlereagh this morning. I drove a different route this morning: along Knock Road and dual carriageway; then right turn along Castlereagh Road. Up until now, I've driven along North Road, Grand Parade and got stuck at those infernally long traffic-lights at the Castlereagh/Grand Parade junction.

The ring road route seems to be quicker. Most times, at any rate.

At the leisure centre there was an oldish biddy, in a track suit, in front of me. She was querying the cost of this and that (has it gone up in price?) when, suddenly, she produced her mobile phone and charger from her bag and gave it to the receptionist, asking for it to be re-charged while she exercised! The young receptionist, with a glint in her eye, asked the customer if she wanted it re-charged using Council electricity. No comment there.

Why don't we all try that in future; perhaps I'll whack the old electric toothbrush in the hold-all the next time.

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