Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Short Change

What a lovely spell of weather we've been having! I've switched off the central heating, donned a pair of shorts and polo shirt, wheeled out the bike and, this morning, I rode to Ballyhackamore library to see the Which? magazines. The May edition isn't out yet; I notice that, in the April edition, the Panasonic TX37 LZD70 got top marks. It's a LCD telly.

From the library, I wheeled the bike past Rouge Wine Bar - has anyone tried it recently? - and cycled up Belmont Church Road. I sauntered in to the Golden Crumb home bakery for a few of their jam doughnuts; the sausage-rolls caught my eye and I took three of those too.

It'll be sausage-rolls, onion mash and sweetcorn for dinner tonight. Comfort grub. And sixty lengths at the old school.


Anonymous said...

Tim, whoa, what of the Dowager?


Timothy Belmont said...

She's confined to bed & they're awaiting the result of a blood test. Initial diagnosis: osteoarthritis in knee. She cannot walk; GP & social services have been to see her.

Thank you for asking Roger.