Monday, 6 April 2009

A Complimentary Drink

I meant to say that I was treated to a free drink on my flight home. While I was seated, a lady standing in the aisle was getting something from the overhead luggage compartment and some sand accidentally fell over me. She was terribly apologetic; what a lovely person.

During the flight, when the cabin crew were wheeling the drinks trolley down the aisle, I ordered my customary gin and tonic - with some peanuts - when the stewardess informed me that the lady in the row behind was footing the bill!

I turned round, smiling, and told her that there was no need; but she insisted.

Later on, when the trolley appeared a second time, I told the stewardess that I wished to offer the couple behind me a drink - one act of kindness deserves another, I felt - but she declined.

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