Friday, 24 April 2009

Gurkha Maltreatment

The Gurkhas have devoted nearly two hundred years of loyal service to the Crown and United Kingdom. The list of recipients of the Victoria Cross is lengthy.

As a matter of honour and respect, I feel that we ought to treat the Gurkhas with considerable esteem. They have fought and died for our Nation.

A number of Gurkhas wish to settle in the United Kingdom and make it their home. They are most welcome to settle in Northern Ireland, as far as I am concerned.

However, the wretched, rotten government currently in power denies them their wishes. This government turns a blind eye to illegal immigrants, many of whom live here freely; incidentally, how many illegal immigrants are estimated to reside in the UK?

This government has encouraged an Open House policy, regarding immigrants, since they came to office. How many immigrants with no connection to the United Kingdom live here now? And what have they done to earn citizenship?

Yet the Gurkhas and their families are, apparently, denied entry. If they are to be allowed to settle, they have several proverbial hurdles to jump over first.

Shame on you, Mr Brown.


Mick Stella said...

Having worked with the Gurkhas in a previous life. I have enjoyed many a dish of goat curry. I find it absolutely appalling that this has even had to receive these levels of publicity just to reach the Governments' attention.
The Gurkhas have a long history of serving in the Army. Thousands have laid down their lives in the name of HM The Queen. Yet not only are they denied the right to settle in the UK, they don't receive anywhere near the same pension as a regular British Squaddie when they retire back to Nepal. Disgusting. Yet closer to home, those who have been convicted of killing or maiming HM's servants are running the streets and collecting your tax money. Where's the justice in that?

Timothy Belmont said...

Indeed. I call it unfair. The Gurkhas are too decent, honest and honourable to get into the UK through the back door, like illegal immigrants.

They make their case openly, and that's the treatment they get.