Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Hillsborough Castle

I thoroughly recommend a booklet published by the Ulster Architectural Heritage Society entitled Hillsborough Castle, which explains the history of the Castle and its association with the Marquesses of Downshire.

Incidentally, the Downshires spent a lot of time at their seat, Easthampstead Park, in Berkshire; their London home was in St James's Square.


Anonymous said...

Came across your blog a couple of months ago and enjoy reading it.

Many thanks for your posts on local landmarks, history, National Trust, places of interest and restaurants.

As Canadians who were born in N.I., my husband & I enjoy going back to visit the wonderful countryside and the good folk there. Will be returning in a couple of weeks time and have been taking note of your recommendations. Got a National Trust memebership last year, so plan to make good use of it this visit.

Any thoughts on good art galleries/shops to visit anywhere in the Province?

Timothy Belmont said...

Great to hear from you! Many thanks indeed for your kind remarks; and I'm delighted you enjoy my blog too.

There are so many places of interest. My favourite villages include Hillsborough, Bushmills, Holywood and Greyabbey. You'll find some galleries and good restaurants in these places. I have written in my blog about Bushmills and Holywood, if you use the Search function or even "google" the names!

All the very best,