Wednesday, 8 April 2009

The Cost Of Honey

Is it merely my imagination, or has the price of honey increased sharply recently? I was in Tesco's this morning, at the honey shelf, and there simply isn't the choice that there used to be, either. Tesco certainly used to have a large range of own-brand honey, viz. the acacia honey that I particularly favour.

This morning I bought some Rowse squeezable honey and it cost £3.19. I hear that there has been a problem with some disease that honey bees have suffered from; perhaps that is a factor, or cause, of the price rise.

I sent a letter off to the audiology department of the Ulster Hospital this morning, requesting a supply of hearing-aid batteries for the Dowager; and I see that, from this week, postage prices have increased as well, a second class stamp being 30p and first class 39p.

I bought a bar of my favourite chocolate too, Lindt Excellence 70%. A programme on Channel Four last night did the trick. There were small bars of Prestat Choxi at half price, so I purchased one to try. I've already tried a piece and still prefer the Lindt 70%!

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