Thursday, 9 April 2009

Seasons Restaurant Belfast

I fancied lunching out today. If the weather had been more agreeable I'd have headed into Town and eaten at the Mourne Seafood Bar in Bank Street.

A friend of ours had spoken well of a place at Woodstock Link, in east Belfast, called Seasons Restaurant; so I jumped into the roadster and made directly for it. It is on the ground floor at the Mount Business and Conference Centre.

The first thing that struck me was the abundance of Porshe, Mercedes and BMW cars in the car park. There was no problem parking, by the way. I entered Seasons and waited to be shown to a table. The ambiance is contemporary and the cleanliness struck me. It seemed clean and tidy; spacious too, with a number of diners.

At lunchtime Seasons is basically self-service. The waiter shows you to your table; produces the menu; and you head up to the self-service counter where you are served the meal of your choice. It's all quite informal and relaxed. Today they were serving fresh salmon, roast chicken in a sauce, lasagne, cottage pie, a veggie dish and something else I cannot recall.

Then you are given a choice of boiled potatoes or rice; following which you make for the opposite counter and help yourself to fresh coleslaw, potato salad, mixed leaves, dressings, very fresh French bread and brown bread; butter or margarine. I went back for more bread so, within reason, I'd say that you could have as much as you liked. Every table had a large jug of chilled water.

I enjoyed it, and I told them as I settled my £8 bill. I opted for the lasagne, by the way, which was tasty - especially with all those accompaniments.

I enquired if they had a web site and they responded in the affirmative; however, their website seems non-existent to me ( I apprised them that this was my first visit, and threatened them that I'd be back!

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