Saturday, 27 June 2009

Car Tax Scam

Beware! There is a Car Tax scam operating in Northern Ireland, by the Driver & Vehicle Agency (DVANI) no less. I applied for a refund of car tax several weeks ago, when I traded in my old car. I sent them the application form along with the car tax disc with three months' unused tax.

Today I received a letter from them telling me that my application has been rejected. Why? Because I didn't tell them that I'd sold the car to Agnew's dealership (as if Agnew's wouldn't tell them anyway).

This practice is merely another means of government retaining taxpayers' money, with excuse after excuse as to reasons why they refuse to do it. Furthermore, they shan't even send my old tax disc back to me on the grounds that "it was cancelled for security reasons". What utter rot.

It's a fait accompli. There is no mention of an appeal procedure at all. Almost £60 of my money has effectively been misappropriated by DVANI. Here is a prime example of the stealthy means by which money is extracted from innocent, law-abiding motorists.

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