Thursday, 11 June 2009

New Home Hub

I always turn my computer, router and everything else completely off after I have used it. So, in practice, that could mean eight or ten times daily; perhaps more.

On Sunday my BT Home Hub (HH) began to behave erratically. After three minutes the Internet connexion ceased and the router stopped and started. This happened every time I switched the router, or Home Hub, on.

I contacted BT and they asked me to unplug the HH and connect it directly to my land-line in the cloakroom downstairs, which I proceeded to do. Nevertheless, the fault persisted; so I phoned BT again and the outcome is that they're sending me a new HH.

I suspect I've worn the thing out by switching it on and off continually a dozen times a day! What have I learned from this? I'm going to turn it on in the morning, keep it on, and switch it off at bedtime. I asked them what they wanted me to do with the old HH and they were utterly indifferent! They may, as well, have said "bin it!"

I have just ordered a packet of eight Gillette Fusion Cartridges from Amazon, the Internet mail order company. They cost £12.99 including free delivery. At least we can assume that they are genuine, unlike the minefield of fake blades available on a prominent auction-site. If any readers know of a reputable retailer or mail-order company which sells Gillette cartridges (including delivery) cheaper, would they let me know?


Owen Polley said...

Computer misery! It's the story of the week in my house. First my laptop began freezing. When I contacted Dell it transpired that the Hard Drive had stopped working. Just like that! Fortunately it is still under warranty so the company undertook to have it picked up yesterday, from my work, between 8am - 6pm. I dutifully remained rooted to my desk til five o clock when I contacted Dell again to ask whether there was a problem. They refused to give me the courier's number or indeed advise me as to who I should contact if no pick-up was made. Of course no-one arrived in the next hour. Now they tell me it's nothing to do with them and I must wait until the courier (whose identity I don't know) contacts me! Meanwhile my girlfriend's computer won't connect to our Virgin broadband. Nothing makes me as angry as computers. Except maybe bad driving.

Timothy Belmont said...

They're wonderful when all's running smoothly; it just takes one glitch to upset the apple-cart.
I had thought of buying a notebook pc, like an Inspiron Mini 9 (Dell's not in your good books presently!).


Owen Polley said...

Well i've had six pleasurable months of computing with my Inspiron, but as you indicate they're all rubbish when they go tits up.