Saturday, 13 June 2009

NI Birthday Honours 2009

Briefly perusing the Queen's Birthday Honours List (Northern Ireland) 2009, the two most notable recipients are William Hall JP, HM Lord-Lieutenant of County Down; and Dr Billy Hastings CBE.

Mr Hall receives the most senior award in the Province and becomes a Knight Commander of the Royal Victorian Order as Sir William Hall, KCVO, JP.

The breast star of the KCVO is pictured above.

Dr Hastings has been granted a Knight Bachelorhood as Sir William Hastings, CBE. I'm only surprised that he wasn't given a knighthood a decade ago.


Peregrine's Bird Blog said...

I am astonished that Hastings has. All furcoat and no knickers in my opinion. Whereas Bill a deserving recipient

Timothy Belmont said...

New Labour has probably reformed the system to make it more egalitarian and populist at any rate!

Even Lord-Lieutenants aren't exempt. Whereas they have traditionally been large landowners in the county, like Lord O'Neill for instance; we can see the direction appointments are going in now.


Anonymous said...

Wasn't Hastings son at Brackenber? I guess he would have been in the year below you. I don't know where he went after BHS (he definately didn't go to CCB) though I know he went on to study at Nottingham University - I met him once at a function there and he was wearing his Old Brackenbrian tie! I assume that Hastings Jnr is now at the helm of the family business.

Timothy Belmont said...

Indeed, Howard Hastings was with me at Brackenber; and he was considerably portlier then than now! Probably closer in size to his dad, in a way.
He went to a public school in England; it may have been Shrewsbury or somewhere of that Ilk. I think Tommy Anderson went to Shrewsbury.
Howard Hastings is now the head honcho of their empire and Sir William is the patriarch!