Saturday, 27 June 2009

Minnowburn Task

We met at the warden's office, Minnowburn, this morning for several hours' satisfying toil on a steep slope leading up to the Rose Garden. It wasn't half humid. Mick provided us with long-handled bill-hooks and we proceeded to thrash the Brier and undergrowth surrounding the saplings we had grown a few years ago, mainly oak.

The Rose Garden is looking marvellous; apparently a thirty-strong volunteer team from the Northern Ireland Office had been assisting there earlier in the week. This help makes such a difference.

We munched our packed lunches at a picnic bench beside the garden. Afterwards we headed down to the allotments; and the fruit and vegetables there are literally thriving. there must easily be a few dozen plots now; it has been so popular that the warden may well decide to extend the allotments to provide more space.

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