Monday, 8 June 2009

Electoral Fatigue

I stayed up last night to watch the European parliamentary UK election results; till 1am at least. The devastating result for the Labour Party in Wales was remarkable. Indeed, Socialists throughout continental Europe have suffered grievously.

The Count in Northern Ireland shan't commence till this morning. Why so? Why is the Province invariably out of step with the rest of the United Kingdom? Before I condemn the authorities, I'd like to hear a cogent response as to why, given that violent unrest is largely past, the votes are not counted at the same time as those on the Mainland?

I predict that the result in Northern Ireland shall remain essentially the same, viz. two Unionists and one Irish Republican.


stu said...

According to a BBC report last week the delayed count is to do with the sabbatarian tendencies of some of our politicians - that's the only explanation I've heard.

Timothy Belmont said...

Sounds plausible. If that is true, it's really quite untenable in this day and age. Lot's of activities occur on a Sunday in NI these days. Personally I don't find it acceptable.