Thursday, 25 June 2009

What Car?

I accompanied my aunt round a few car dealerships, at Belfast's Motor City district, this morning. Our first visit was to Agnew's Volkswagen showroom. My aunt has owned a most reliable Polo for many years.

Of course we had to suffer the usual sales talk - my eyes glaze over at that point - however I wasn't particularly impressed with what they had, or had not, to offer. Basically they were offering us a Polo Match with five doors, the only two colours available being black or silver. This model will be obsolete in a few months' time, yet they weren't really offering us much of an incentive other than the £2000 Scrap Allowance. Moreover, they tried to apply pressure by advising us that the Government's Car Scrapping Scheme may not last much longer. I was unimpressed.

Some folk enjoy the perceived challenge of haggling and sparring for the best deal. Not I. I find it all tiresome and stressful. I generally distrust car dealers, rightly or wrongly. It's an ordeal. Notwithstanding that, I wish to help my aunt by chipping in, challenging them and giving moral support if I can.

We took the quotation and drove over to Fulton's for lunch. I relished the sumptuous mince tart with dressed salad and coleslaw; followed by lemon meringue pie with fruit garnish and whipped cream which I shared with my aunt (it was big enough for three!). Before we left my aunt chatted with the resident pianist.

After lunch we motored across the road to Lindsay's Ford dealership to view the new Fiesta car. This new model impressed us. It seems to be well built and the doors close with a reassuring, solid clunk. It's well appointed, too. If there's a snag, it is the fact that there's a price increase of 4% on the 1st July. Nevertheless, there was more choice: bright red would be available within a month.

I think, on balance, the Fiesta may well be the better of the two because the new Polo is not in the showrooms yet; which makes the present Polo a bit dated. The prices are similar though Lindsay's inferred that the price they quoted could be negotiable: perhaps, say, another £500 off. I've read a few reports about the new Fiesta and the motoring critics seem to favour it highly.

My aunt will consider the options over this weekend and deliberate with her family in the interim.

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