Friday, 5 August 2011

Открытки из России!

Timothy Belmont was in town this evening, at a BBC Radio 3 Invitation Concert in the Ulster Hall.

Earlier I had reserved a table at Molly's, a favourite of mine, where I had a fine gourmet burger with all the trimmings; and a peach and raspberry crumble with Crème Anglaise. When I arrived back at the Belmont GHQ I realized that I'd left my debit card at the premises. Fool, Belmont.

Tonight's concert had a distinctly Russian theme: The soloist was a most talented young cellist called Tatjana Vassiljeva. The conductor was a cove by the name of Pascal Rophé. Both performed brilliantly, as of course did the Ulster Orchestra with Bandana-man at the rear. 

The first five or six rows of seats in the stalls were removed, for some reason, and it was a full house.

The programme was designed most stylishly, as usual, by Marcus Patton OBE who, I believe, was in the audience.

By the way, the title translates: Postcards From Russia.

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