Sunday, 14 August 2011

A Forgotten Demesne

I cycled over to Orangefield Park in east Belfast today, armed with my camera and two maps.

Alas there is absolutely to trace whatsoever of the once-great demesne of Orangefield: No walls, gates, lodges, features.

Belfast City Council, to its credit, has maintained the parkland to a large extent. Predictably, though, a thorough job has been done in the complete obliteration of one of the most significant demesnes ever to have existed near Belfast.

I have taken photographs of the locations where the main entrance once was; the Home Farm; and the Houston Park location of Orangefield House.

My project is completed, excepting any additional information or documents obtainable from sources.

I expect to publish the article, complete with a digitally enhanced photograph of Orangefield House in 1902, next week.

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