Friday, 5 August 2011

Royal Mail Nuisance

When I arrived home this morning there was yet another of those confounded Royal Mail Something For You cards on the floor.

I'd bought a cycle helmet on the web.

This is the second time this nuisance has occurred recently; dashed inconvenient.

Why on earth can't they hand it in to my neighbours, who are almost always in? Clearly they prefer "customers" to take the trek several miles to their sorting office.

I have arranged to have the item re-delivered.


Anonymous said...

They seem to be quite irregular with their policy in this department. I once found a parcel in the Land Rover (accidentally left unlocked) in my yard - without anything to tell me it was there. Preferable to having to drive to God-knows-where to collect it.


Timothy Belmont said...

I have sent a complaint to:- expressing my dissatisfaction and the inconvenience caused.

This has occurred several times recently!

Anonymous said...

As an aside surely if items such as this were bought locally thus helping the plight of small businesses this gripe wouldn't be applicable.

Timothy Belmont said...

Certainly there used to be a high regard for Customer Loyalty. Not in this modern age, I fear.

I tend to "shop around" in order to procure the most advantageous bargain.

That applies DVDs, cycles, motor cars, flags and finials!

If I can obtain the best bargain locally, I'd naturally prefer so to do.

Timothy Belmont said...

As another aside, the Royal Mail and others benefit hugely from mail order, which keeps them in business!

Keith Ruffles said...

This is a tricky one for Royal Mail. If a parcel is left with a neighbour or somewhere else and subsequently goes missing or is damaged the customer will quite rightly be furious. Keeping the item in question in their safekeeping until the customer collects avoids the potential for this sort of thing from happening and also prevents accusations of trespass and the like.

Of course, if you know you're expecting a parcel and are likely to be out you could always leave a note for the postie with instructions of where to leave it...

madpierre said...

Lord B you havent really got grounds for complaint in my opinion as they were doing their job correctly. Getting a signature from your neighbour may be more convenient for you but its not their job to do that. Look at the situation from the other side, if you sent a parcel by recorded delivery would you be happy for them to leave the parcel with a neighbour? - I suspect not!!!!!

Unknown said...

Lord Belmont may wish to take part in the consultation that PostCom is currently engaged on:

quote: Royal Mail wishes to trial the delivery of postal items to a neighbour where they cannot be delivered to the absent addressee because a signature is required or the item is too big to put through the letterbox.

Of course if they are consulting on whether to approve "leaving with a neighbour" does mean at the moment there is no official or legal cover to do so at the moment.

Lisa Carson said...

I have to agree that this is a nuisance. There appears to be no attempt these days to leave oversized packets with a neighbour even though the card allows for these details to be completed.