Friday, 12 August 2011

The Petulant Duchess

Here is a neat little clip showing the Duchess of York manifesting her irritation on a television interview:-

The Duchess became angry when interviewer Michael Usher played a video of her telling an undercover reporter from the paper that the sum of £500,000 would “open doors” to Prince Andrew.

Shortly after she walked out of the interview and demanded the segment be cut. John Scott, her manager in Australia, claimed she had been “ambushed" and ridiculed during the interview. He said making the Duchess sit through the footage again was unnecessary, because she had obviously seen it before.

Hamish Thomson, the 60 Minutes executive producer, said that the Duchess had agreed to talk about the incident, although it was not clear if she had agreed to watch the footage during the interview.

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Louise said...

I don't usually watch 60 Minutes, but did today because of your blog. I have not watched anything about her in years, as she is not in the forefront of the public mind in Australia. It was interesting to see that at 51, she still has not grown up and has little awareness of the way she is perceived by others. I will not be buying her recent book. Louise