Thursday, 18 August 2011

Country House Rescue

DO NOT MISS the new series of Country House Rescue which begins on Channel Four at 8pm this evening.

Ruth Watson helps to transform an ailing hotel into a revamped weddings and events centre with plush new décor and a new manager.

Gissing Hall in Norfolk is an impressive country mansion that was built in the early 1820s. It fell into a state of disrepair after years of neglect but was given a new lease of life when William and Ann Brennan bought it in 1986.

They put every penny of their savings into restoring it and making it their dream family home, but the colossal costs of running the country house got the better of the family and they were forced to open the doors to paying guests as Gissing became a hotel.

But the hotel business is struggling, and William and Ann have asked Ruth to help. Ruth wants the décor to change, the house to focus on weddings and events, and for the business to take on a general manager.

When Ruth returns she sees a brand new Gissing Hall, with a wedding fair in full swing and new staff beginning to coordinate the revamped business. William and Ann are relieved, and excited, to see their country house finally on the path to success.

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