Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Amazon Kindle

A good friend has generously given me a new 3G Amazon Kindle, complete with leather case and light. I have been aware of ebook readers, though hadn't realized their capabilities.

This little gadget has wi-fi Internet access, albeit basic. It can pick up wireless signals anywhere and even Lord Belmont's blog is available!

I have already downloaded about three free ebooks on Project Gutenberg: Right Ho, Jeeves, Dracula and one other. It takes a matter of seconds to download a whole book on my Kindle.

Do any readers have a Kindle and have you any tips, ebook recommendations?  I'd welcome your comments. It will be most useful on holiday. The screen can be read in bright sunlight, I have been assured.


Anonymous said...

I got one and was pleasantly surprised. The screen is very easy to read for long periods, unlike a computer's - the prolonged use of which makes me feel ill. As a bibliophile, however, a book is hard to beat.


Funkyknuckles said...

They are great for holidays - I recently re-read Diary of a Nobody and Saki's Beasts & Superbeasts, Hazlitt's treatise on Ancient Cookery & Recipes and a really interesting history of Broadmoor, all downloaded for free from Amazon. And I have a mountain of free Chekhov and Zola to get through too. You can download free samples of books too which is very helpful.

Mad Mandy Moans said...

It very much depends on your taste Tim. I favour Dean Koontz but I am far from limited in my reading material. Although I already have a bookcase full of Dean Koonzt books I have downloaded a couple of his latest. The man is prolific. He sent me a copy of his heart breaking and warming tribute to his dog Trixie. "A big little life" and inscribed in with a message to Rockie and me. Remind me to show it to you. If you like something unusual download the Odd Thomas series. Other authors worth a look are James Patterson for crime and Clive Cussler for boys own sea and treasure hunting. Look up the Kindle top 100 or call into No Alibi's on Botanic and get an expert opinion. I don't know if Colin Bateman books are available on download but chances are you will run into the man himself. MMx

Kaido said...

Marvellous piece of kit but take care when travelling for the slightest pressure will cause the screen to crack. A good investment is an aluminium reinforced cover for use when circumstances so demand.

Anonymous said...

Particularly good on holiday given the luggage weight restrictions. And yes, perfect in bright sunlight
Sammy Mehaffey