Thursday, 15 September 2011

Chain Reaction!

I was whizzing along Oxford Street, Belfast, this morning, past the Royal Courts of Justice, in the trusty two-wheeler, when I hit one of those yellow bollards or traffic cones. The wretched thing knocked my chain off!

Naturally I stopped immediately. Nothing was damaged. The bollard was a dud and had already been run over by a vehicle. As a consequence, it was unstable and I knocked it accidentally as it sat at the road-side.

By Jove I felt like hurling the ruddy thing over the wall of the court-house!

After about ten minutes and oily hands, I managed to re-fit it.

I abandoned the bike outside Ross's auction-house, had a quick peek inside, cycled over to Marks and Spencer's. May I add that I am most grateful to them because I was able to wash my hands in hot, soapy water.

Thence I made for the Linenhall Library where I was researching the Pakenham-Mahons of Strokestown.

Before I cycled home I had a creamy hot chocolate and a rather tasteless baguette (sorry!) in Caffé Nero at Fountain Street. It's an agreeable place, though. The smokers were all puffing away in the street.

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