Sunday, 4 September 2011

Hail, Thou Dirty Duck!

The Dirty Duck was a touch quieter last night, which suited Timothy Belmont. It was a cinch obtaining a seat. BP and self managed to procure one at the front of the bar, closest to the sea-side. Mind you, we were asked to vacate it later in the evening when the musical entertainment arrived!

The solitary, exceptionally agreeable lady-regular was seated in the middle and we had a chin-wag with her for a while.

The Belmont nose-bag was firmly attached and the trusty gnashers were in top gear for a tip-top gourmet burger with all the DD trimmings. I wolfed it down instanter.

BP had the customary scampi, which was professed to be up to standard!

We look leave of the Duck at ten-forty, having swilled an innumerable number of gins and real ale; thence made our way to the Holywood railway halt for embarkation in a northerly direction towards home.


Anonymous said...

Isn't Belmont south of Holywood?

Timothy Belmont said...

Good lord! You're right. Isn't it south-west of Holywood?

I was waiting for somebody to notice that. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Clearly the gins and real ales confused your sense of direction!