Thursday, 1 September 2011

Linenhall Library Day!

Given that the old weather is fairly temperate today, I have cycled into central Belfast, parked the two-wheeler in Fountain Street and ambled into the Linenhall Library.

The focus of my research today has been the extinct Palmer Baronetcy of Castle Lackin, Charleville Forest in County Offaly and the origins of the Gore-Booth Baronets.

I wish to obtain a Euro-Heritage Open Days catalogue too, so I'll most likely ride over to Hill Street for that.


Anonymous said...

You seem like a jolly fellow, Lord B - an alumni of my dear old brother's alma mater to boot!

Know ye of the set of Gore-Grimes, from the village north of the Dublin city at Howth?

Timothy Belmont said...

#For He's A Jolly Good Fellow# :-)

I'm working my way through the major Victorian landowners of Co Dublin and I've written about Howth Castle so far, and Kenure Park.