Thursday, 22 September 2011

M&S Food Bar

I popped into central Belfast on the two-wheeler today and parked, as usual, in Fountain Street outside the Linenhall Library, where I was researching the Villiers-Stuarts of Dromana.

I had a quick bite in Marks and Spencer's, where I grabbed a sandwich and orange juice. Their hot food bar seems jolly good in terms of value and service - a gourmet Stilton burger not costing much more than a sandwich; and they'll bring it to your table when it is cooked.

To their great credit - and to the benefit of the citizenry of Belfast - Marks and Spencer is one of the very few stores which has remained open for business, in the city centre, throughout the civil unrest, or Troubles, since the 1970s.

I see the brand new Belfast Met is open for business - or, should I say, study - judging by the steady stream of students flowing in and out. On display is a bright pink "eyecatcher" notice bearing the legend Hey Smarty Pants!

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