Friday, 30 September 2011

What Ho, Horatio!

The ambiance and numbers at Horatio Todd's, a bar-restaurant in east Belfast, were spot on last night. We arrived at about seven o'clock. Despite it not being too busy, it still took them a while to serve us drinks. About five minutes, I imagine. In fairness, though, the staff behind the bar seemed to be preparing other orders.

A bit about the real H Todd:
Horatio Todd OBE JP was the first president of the Pharmaceutical Society of Northern Ireland; he was appointed an OBE and was also a Justice of the Peace. Within his Holywood Road pharmacy he prepared and dispensed many of his own products and he was an expert perfumier.  A range of original fliers and bottles from the pharmacy are on display in the bar.

We got a cushy sofa at a window beside the Upper Newtownards Road, which had what I think was a polished black granite table (and which was remarkably heavy: I moved it away slightly).

I stuck to the Tanqueray for most of the evening; though, at about ten-fifteen, a jolly pleasant waitress brought us all complimentary cocktails (was there a Promotion?), the names of which I cannot recall.

Moreover, when I returned from the loo, a platter of grub had mysteriously appeared: A veritable tray of really chunky pieces of battered chicken breast (exceedingly tender); some kind of savoury breads or pizza; and chunky chips in a piquant sauce.

Just what the doctor ordered. Ha! Complimentary food and drink.

In fact four girls arrived, students, two of whom were would-be doctors and the others solicitors. They sat opposite us.

Horatio's was more enjoyable for me on Thursday evening. I don't like it too crowded. I dislike having to stand in a crush in the middle of the floor or up at the counter.

It was a good evening. I walked home.

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Anonymous said...

thats our bar! lol you should know it took us an age to get served xx we should get back there very soon. I miss our time x ring me