Friday, 21 June 2013

Curry Baron

Good Gracious! I hear you exclaim. Belmont always performs splendidly when he's had a modest refresher.

Well, dear readers, this just happens to be the time and place.

I called in on the Lord Empey, OBE, this afternoon, in order to express my opinion on Prince William's birthday, celebrated throughout the realm with the hoisting of the national flag, with the exception of government buildings in Northern Ireland, as presently constituted.

I am glad to report that his lordship was not unsympathetic to my pronouncement.

I HAVE enjoyed an early repast of lamb Rogan Josh with pilau rice; accompanied by Peshwari naan bread.

Readers, disregard the instructions that the bread should be sprinkled with water. Instead, spread it liberally with butter, then honey; encase in tin foil; and cook in the oven at, say, 180c, for ten minutes.

It emerges hot, soft and moist (!).


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