Sunday, 23 June 2013

Weekend Antics

Timothy Belmont has been lying doggo today, having spent the last twenty-four hours here and there in the city of Belfast.

We enjoyed a modest snifter, for instance, in the Piano Bar of the Europa Hotel.

Later, having attached the long-suffering nose-bags, we dined at an esteemed Asian establishment in the vicinity.

The sparring partner, Dangerfield, phoned while we were munching. I think I've alluded to Dangerfield, the old school chum, who happens to be Laird of Broughshane and Hereditary Grand Keeper of Cleggan.

The Duchess subsequently invited me to stay over at Calhame Manor, so we caught the last train to the nearest station, viz. Ballymoney, County Antrim.

Now I am back at Belmont GHQ, ready for a quiet evening with Miss Marple (whilst recording the two clashing programmes on BBC 1).

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