Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Corrigan's Menu

Corrigan's is a thoroughly decent establishment indeed. It wasn't particularly busy at lunchtime today and I counted one mere lady amongst about a dozen gentlemen.

Service here is, as one would expect, first rate. I hadn't reserved a table and was shown to one beside Upper Grosvenor Street immediately.

The staff are courteous and attentive. I was brought some fresh granary bread, baked in something resembling a miniature earthenware flowerpot. This was delicious with the country butter, served in a metal dish.

Tiny morsels of vol au vents were also brought to me.

I had a Tanqueray and tonic water with the meal.

My starter consisted of smoked salmon with a subtle sauce, greens and other morsels I am unable to describe at present (!).

The main course was plaice. I was persuaded to order a portion of honeyed carrots with it.

Everything was delicious, though the portions were not substantial.

Before my bill arrived, another waiter offered me a freshly baked Madeleine.


two course lunch  £25
carrots.                   £5
Cover charge.         £2
Tanqueray &Tonic £11.60
Service charge.       £5.45
TOTAL.                 £49.05

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