Wednesday, 6 April 2016


This evening I dined simply at a beach bar-restaurant outside El Cotillo called Bagus.

I gather this is an Indonesian word meaning Agreeable, yummy, tasty, in a gastronomic context.

Bagus is so small that all the tables and chairs are outside.

Inside, if that's appropriate, we have the galley kitchen behind a counter.

I sat at one of the wooden tables overlooking the beach, with my face to the sun.

Having enjoyed an alcoholic refresher, I perused the menu, a piece of white paper attached to a wooden board with the items typed in black ink.

While this may sound elementary, the list of items was remarkably imaginative.

I'll take a photograph of it next time.

I opted for one of the dearest items, the Tuna Sashimi.

I must have been feeling adventurous.

In the interim I chatted to other patrons at adjoining tables.

One surfer dude was getting stuck in to a particularly juicy, thick beef hamburger with all the trimmings.

He told me it was the Bagus Burger. 

I had spotted it on the menu and it cost €8.

My tuna sashimi arrived duly and initially it appeared not akin to a generous starter, rather than the main course.

I enjoyed it. Considerable diligence had gone into its preparation and execution.

The bill was more than I expected: the tuna was, I think, €11.50; the two gins, €13.

I'll definitely revisit Bagus, though I'll wear something warmer because when the sun goes down, the temperature naturally drops accordingly.

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