Monday, 4 April 2016

Sottovento Restaurant

So far it has been somewhat overcast at El Cotillo. However, I managed to spent about five hours at the little beach near my hotel.

If you've been following my narrative, I've apprised readers that the Soul Surfer is a quirky little establishment.

They have one or two of those cylindrical, plastic laundry containers; though there is no soiled linen therein.

Instead there are surplus bottles of sun-cream, Nivea cream ... You get the jist.

Obviously residents don't wish to bring this stuff home with them, so they altruistically leave it for others' benefit.

I have made use of it.

This evening I walked along the sea-front for about five minutes until I reached an Italian restaurant called Sottovento.

I read that they specialise in fresh pasta.

I sat at a table overlooking the sea, ordered a restorative, and perused their menu.

Following a leisurely sip or two of the gin and tonic-water, I hailed he waiter and ordered the Garlic Prawns; followed by the tagliatelle with Gorgonzola and walnuts.

The ubiquitous bread rolls appeared, as did a jar of grated Parmesan cheese.

When the prawns arrived they weren't sizzling, though I can vouch for their succulence and flavour.

Belmont relished the first course, somewhat akin to the proverbial Ulster snow off a ditch.

Next in line was the main event: the fresh pasta.

I can tell you that I enjoy hearty portions of pasta. Over a year ago I dined at an Italian establishment in County Antrim ( I shan't be more specific than that) and their portion of pasta might have satisfied the appetite of a sparrow.

Sottovento gives patrons their money's-worth.

I almost had to loosen my belt by a notch.

Mind you, I merely managed to do it justice and cleared my plate. 

The bill amounted to €24.

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