Sunday, 3 April 2016

First Breakfast

Belmont GHQ has removed to a rather quirky little establishment called the Soul Surfer Hotel, in the fishing village of El Cotillo, Fuerteventura.

The Soul Surfer is a decidedly private hotel; non-residents are not welcome.

They used to have a small bar downstairs, though this is now defunct. 

However, there is a swimming-pool and terrace for residents on the roof; more of that later.

Last night I enjoyed a restorative at Ferret's bar across the Square from my hotel.

I am apprised that their fondues and Chicken Curry with Bananas are to be commended.

I shall report back on that, too, in due course.

Instead I sat outside, overlooking the children's playground in the Square, sipping my refresher.

Two cats befriended me. One tabby was particularly pally to the extent that it jumped up and lay beside me for the evening.

Happily I'm fond of cats and they are fond of me.

I breakfasted at my hotel this morning: Fruit juice, wholemeal toast, marmalade, granola with oats and yoghurt, and a beaker of coffee.

The breakfast here is self-service, literally. 

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